Sunday, March 07, 2010

Lights, camera, action! Professor Black in Hollywood's red carpet wines for Oscars

10 wines matched to top nominees in Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator, arguably the world’s leading wine magazine (the benchmark when it comes to authoritative wine ratings), deemed it fitting that they align themselves with the oldest and most prominent award-ceremony in the world, namely, the Oscars.  At this year’s Oscars, Wine Spectator is doing what it does best: rating wines, albeit in a  slightly more light-hearted manner. The panel has selected 10 wines, across 5 categories, each of which  suitably ‘personify’ the nominee, and, by implication, the role he or she plays in the movie. Read the article here.

Warwick was in the limelight on the red carpet this week after receiving an impressive 90 points by Wine Spectator. In addition to this affirmation,  Wine Spectator has nominated Professor Black for Best Actor.  Spotlighted for his supporting role as François Pienaar in the apartheid-rugby-allegory film, Invictus, is the handsome, charismatic and refined Matt Damon. Wine Spectator decided that a bright South African star, Pienaar, immortalized by Damon,  commanded a bright wine with the same stellar constitution. The crisp, tropicality and liveliness -  coupled with a  long floral finish - of Professor Black, made this luscious wine the obvious choice for the Best Supporting Actor role.     

So, wherever you are while watching the star-studded glitterati of the unparalleled-in-stature, celebrity-strewn, glittering, dazzling and extravagant Oscars, following Wine Spectator’s suggestions and hobnobbing with Professor Black will ensure your soiree is chic and that the x-factor is both prevalent and enchantingly enticing.  

Take one! / that’s all folks!

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