Monday, February 18, 2008

'Harvest 2008' has begun here at Warwick Wine Estate!

In the words of Ronald our viticulturist (RonViti) , "the grapes are looking great and we are seeing some fantastic, healthy bunches coming in" - we are no doubt very excited about the vintage!

In an effort to bring you closer to the heart of the effort and people involved in creating your favourite Warwick wine - we will be bringing you a series of videos highlighting this years harvest!

You'll see everything from where in the vineyard the grapes came from, the tractors used to transport them, the berry sorting process and you'll even see us filling up the barrels! And who knows - you may even catch a glimpse of our famous "Wedding Cup" in one or two of the videos - in which case there may be some sort of reward (so keep your eyes glued!)!

We hope you find them entertaining and informative - above all we hope that you feel a connection with the estate, the wine and the people who are so passionately involved!

Feel free to comment and ask questions!

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